Current involvements

Educational Project for Covid 19

In India, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant challenges for the healthcare system and a sudden overflow of rumors, hoaxes, and misinformation regarding the etiology,

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Project Kurumutu

This project is placed at the heart of two widespread phenomenons in India:

  1. Huge aspiration towards learning English and Digital Skills
  2. Systematic devaluation and diminishing trajectory of various local languages, cultures and ways of being
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Project Rohoe

Objective – Provide online teacher training to build the capacity of teachers in the community as well as develop education roles

Background- As part of Sinchan we have been working with village youth and helping them develop community learning centers from a socio-cultural perspective. This work is in response to unfavorable pedagogy in school spaces for Santhal children. The larger goal is to develop tools and methods that can be taken back to school and help create a more engaging learning environment for Santhal children. Specifically within the changeloom program we intend to undertake 6 month training with 15 young people, who are currently teaching children in their community. We are developing a curriculum for this youth, to take them through the following 6 modules:

  • problem diagnosis 
  • community learning centers 
  • skills for being a teacher 
  • personal aspirations 
  • socio-cultural orientation
  • Becoming a trainer 
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