Our Vision

A world with diverse ways of living, learning and earning

Our Stories

Education in COVID19

Lahanti’s volunteers are making and broadcasting creative and contextual educational content through community radio platforms.

Theatre workshop

Theatre offers an excellent way to bring out serious community issues, develop social skills, entertain the audience and create an environment of aesthetic development.

Indigenous Knowledge System

Sinchan believes in building the local knowledge ecosystem of marginalized communities so as to move towards more sustainable systems of development.

Digital Literacy and Citizenship

We aim to change this scenario by ensuring digital literacy to as many children, youth and adults as possible.

Participatory film-making workshop

The purpose of the workshop was to create community films on local knowledge systems.

Culture and Creative Expression

Santhal community is embedded in strong community expression through ‘anne siring’ (dancing and singing), rituals, festivals apart from traditional notions of livelihood and health.

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