⦁ Creation of Community Learning centers
⦁ Comprehensive evaluation for learning levels of children
⦁ Building community libraries
⦁ Local language Alphabet charts created
⦁ Creation of Multilingual Dictionaries
⦁ Creation of multilingual toolkits
⦁ Creating local story books
⦁ Youth club incubated
⦁ Linkages with Government schools
⦁ Conducted theatre workshop as popular pedagogy
⦁ Conducting photo and video making workshops
⦁ Archiving local knowledge systems
⦁ Conducted youth festivals
⦁ Conducting sports and cultural events
⦁ Created entrepreneurship groups
⦁ Creating syllabus around sustainable food systems
⦁ Established Digital Learning Centers
⦁ Created School Food Gardens
⦁ Conducted workshops for youth on community development
⦁ Facilitated exposure visits for youth